Fight Klub® Clacton

Fight Klub® Clacton

Fight Klub® Clacton- Bag Box fitness class

In March 2017 Fight Klub® Clacton BAG BOX was launched in Clacton-on-Sea! A similar vibe and atmosphere to Drum ‘N’ Bass Workout Clacton, only you hit large freestanding bags with boxing gloves on, to WICKED drum and bass music!

I introduced my good friend Carrie to Fight Klub bag box a few years ago when I suggested she should come to the Fitness Fiesta as I knew she’d love it as much as me. She fell in love with it the same as I did. I had tried to persuade every gym I worked in to get Bag Box there and Carrie decided SHE would bring it to Clacton. I am so blessed that she asked me to be an instructor for it on her behalf!

The classes are buzzing from start to finish. We warm up off of the bag and then do a round practising on the bag. After that I then teach some simple punches and the odd knee or kick in sequences. It’s repetitive enough for you to get the hang of it before it’s time to switch sides and start all over again.


The when, where, how:

Mondays at 18:30-19:30 at Tendring Education Centre (TEC) which is the old Bishops Park school, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea, CO16 8BE. It’s the same venue as Drum ‘N’ Bass Workout and directions can be found HERE

It costs £6.40 payable online ONLY at this link here. You can use the booking form at the bottom of this page too! You will need gloves but I have some there to borrow before you decide whether to buy your own. Fight Klub stock some amazing gloves among other things at

PLEASE come and try this, there’s no other class like it!





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  1. I love both classes, I never knew exercise could be so much fun! Sarah is a fantastic instructor and brings so much energy to the classes too!

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