Ladies ONLY Bootcamp

A bootcamp in Clacton for women ONLY.

Join the ladies only bootcamp in Clacton on a Thursday evening at 18:30 for 45 minutes of fitness, toning and strengthening exercises. We use a mixture of equipment, weights and bodyweight exercises along with the railings and benches in the park. We play games and I set up assault courses. Equipment includes kettlebells, a speed parachute, battle rope, ViPR weights, skipping ropes, dumbbells, and more!

Any one can join in, I’m qualified to exercise people with heart conditions, medical conditions as well as ante and post natal. Contact me first if you are unsure if you’d be suitable.

Training in a group of like minded women in the fresh sea air along Holland-on-Sea seafront. We are located on the green in between Lyndhurst and Hazelmere road, where the public toilet is located. There is plenty of seafront parking and a large Tendring carpark right next to the field which is the Hazelmere road carpark, CO15 5HU. (carpark is locked at 9pm summertime and 7pm wintertime)

This will be launching on 11th May 2017, check out this video on my Facebook page from the last ladies only bootcamp in Clacton I ran! You can also read about the other classes I run by clicking here.


It’s £5.00 for a one off session or pay £16 up front for 4 sessions. To book 4 sessions and receive the discount, select 4 different dates on the booking form below, they don’t have to be consecutive Thursdays if you have to miss a week. The discount will be added at the checkout. You can only receive one discount at a time so multiple bookings of 4 sessions will need to be done separately if, for example, you wish to book 8 sessions up front.

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