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Why it helps to hire a personal trainer clacton

By paying for a Personal Trainer, you become instantly accountable for your actions. It’s unlikely you’ll pay for it and not turn up. I make the plan so you don’t have to think about anything. Simply go into autopilot and enjoy your personal training session!     personal trainer clacton

Not only do I have years of experience helping people of all ages, shapes and sizes with varying medical conditions, I have also changed my physique myself and know of the challenges you must face in order to achieve what you want.

Bespoke ServiceSarah Bockhart Personal Training

As you personal trainer, I give you that personalised touch, a programme specifically for you put together by someone who has learnt about you, built a rapport with you, knows what your good days are like and how to get the best out of you on your not-so-good days.


I keep your personal training sessions interesting, safe and effective. With me watching over you, it’s ensured that your technique will be correct and that can prevent injuries and imbalances. I can also advise on stretching and trigger pointing for tight and sore muscles. I’ve trained people with injuries and through pregnancy, providing them the continuance of their physical wellbeing alongside keeping them safe. Along with my personal training qualification, I am also qualified to exercise people with chronic medical conditions, ante and post natal as well as cardiac rehabilitation phase 4. This means I know what is safe, effective and should not cause harm or discomfort to you while you exercise.

Sarah Bockhart Personal TrainingDiet

I have a vast knowledge of nutrition combined with the experience of being an emotional eater who has been through a journey of my own. I can give you very gradual dietary goals to change your habits for the better and not only get you to where you want to be, but keep you there long after the hard work is over.

Every client has said to me if I had told them what their average day’s food would look like before they started with me they would never have believed they’d end up eating such a healthy diet. Not because they end up on “rabbit food”, quite the contrary! It’s because they find ways to make tasty, satisfying and nutritionally balanced meals when they once lived off of takeaways and TV dinners. Some have said they couldn’t believe what they were putting in their bodies.



The whole reason you’ve booked personal training, no? I’ll be there to provide the motivation so you don’t have to worry. When you believe you’re incapable, I’m there to show you that you CAN do it. If you laugh at the thought of finishing a 5km charity race, I’m there to help you do it! Even if you currently can’t step up ON to a treadmill to begin with, let alone run. I’m there to help build that strength-physically and psychologically, providing it’s safe to do so, to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

What now?

My sessions cost just £35.00 per 60min session or you can pay upfront for 8 60min sessions for just £200. Split the cost with a friend and share your sessions together, price depends on how many (maximum 4 people). The sessions can be outdoors with bootcamp equipment, walking or jogging, or in your home providing there is enough space. Feel free to contact me by sending me a message or by visiting my facebook page if you wish to discuss further.


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