Thank you

Thank you for signing up to my online coaching programme.

Please fill in the form below so that I can set up your google drive folder. By submitting the form you are agreeing to the use and storage of the data provided, you can read more about how it is used below the form.

You will need to download the google drive app for your phone, which is free, or you can access it via the internet.

If you aim to use your phone mainly, you’ll also need to download the google sheets app, which is free.

As soon as you submit this form I will receive your details via email and will then contact you once I have set your personal drive folder up.

What I use this information for:

Your name and activity information will help me build your initial profile for your personal google drive folder. I then use your age, height, weight and activity levels to calculate a rough calorie guide if your goal is to lose bodyfat. Arranging an initial telephone conversation with me gives me a lot more information on how I can coach you, so by giving me your number this will indicate to me that I should email you back with my availability to schedule this initial discussion. It takes around 30-45minutes.