Directions to TEC venue

Directions to TEC

Address: Tendring Education Centre, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea CO16 8BE. Map and directions below.

This used to be called Bishop’s Park school, then it became Clacton Coastal Academy, now it’s TEC.

If you’re coming from the direction of the Three Jays pub:

Go past Miller’s barn golf club and keep going until you see the traffic lights and crossing, entrance is the right turn immediately after the crossing.

If you’re coming from St John’s Road:

Go past The Wick Lodge pub which will be on your left and it is the Second left.


Where to park

As you pull into the road take the first left into the long stay parking. You’ll see this sign:

parking for tec
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If all of the spaces are taken there is a short stay car park which is sign posted off of the little mini roundabout at the long stay exit. If there really is nowhere else, there is a lay by labelled buses only. You can also park down any of the nearby roads where available but it shouldn’t come to that.

Walking from the carpark to the hall

As you walk out of the road you drove into to get to the long stay carpark, head across and down the path way highlighted in the photo below by the white square and follow signs to “reception” it just bears round to the left:


You’ll see the entrance and the sign to the library:

tec entrance totally shredded
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Go in the automatic doors and head right all the way round to “The Atrium”…’ll hear the music but here’s a video too: