Online coaching- a 12 week programme

This 12 week online coaching programme is designed for:

  • People who need a little guidance with their fitness, fat loss or muscle gain journey.
  • People who either don’t know where to start or simply require some motivation and accountability in order to commit to achieving a goal or goals.
  • People who aren’t motivated to plan their routine but are willing to do the work.

How does online coaching work?

From the moment you enrol, you have access to our online portal called myHealthHub.

On there you will have workouts scheduled in an interactive calendar, habits to track and a 24hour messaging service*.

You are given a bespoke fitness programme and targets that compliment your goals, all of which is bespoke to you and discussed first in a free zoom video call or by phone.

Your fitness programme is updated regularly so that you progress and this can include sessions at home, outdoors or in the gym depending on how you prefer to train.


Mike’s Story:

online coaching


Common targets include:

  • Calories or meal frequency goals to give you structure with your food.
  • Protein so that you can aid muscle building and/or reduce hunger.
  • Activity which can help burn more calories or gain more muscle.
  • 5 a day fruit and veg, because we all know how important that is, right?
  • Hydration because if you’re not hydrated, your body can’t perform at it’s best.

The targets given are discussed with, and unique to you. This is why it’s so important to book that initial free consultation.

Think of this service as your very own pocket PT. The exercise programme could be in written form, video form or sent as a training guide. It really is down to your preferences.

If you feel you need the extra push to take it to the next level, you can also upgrade this programme to include one on one personal training via zoom. These are booked in at an additional cost and are subject to availability.

This 12 week online coaching programme is suitable for both men and women, beginners to advanced, home workouts to gym workouts.

It costs just £50.00 per month or you can pay up front for 3 months at just £120.00.

Add-on PT sessions are charged at £10.00 per 30 minute zoom appointment (usually £12.50)

Add-on nutritional and mindset coaching sessions are charged at £12.50 per 30 minutes. It’s required that your first session is 1 hour minimum.

We have had some issues where enquiries from our website did not reach us so please get in contact by emailing to discuss further and book that intitial, no obligation, no hard sale, call or zoom call.



*You will receive a response from your coach within 24 hours.