6 week online fatloss group coaching programme

All the tools you need to achieve your fat loss goals, stop yo-yo dieting, restricting and binge eating so you may develop a healthier relationship with food.

Allowing you to enjoy yourself AND work towards a fat loss goal as well as maintain the results.

This fat loss programme has been designed to help you if you feel you are stuck in a dieting rut. You’ve tried everything under the sun…may have got some great results in the past but can’t seem to keep the bodyfat off after you come off of the “plan” you’re on. If you’re the kind of person who every few months posts on social media “I’m back on it” or “Starting [insert diet group name here] again and this time I’m keeping it off!” and it doesn’t often go to plan…this 6 week coaching programme may just be the last thing you’ll ever need.

This coaching programme is for people who time and time again go on strict, boring, sad diet plans and have one moment where they deviate away from the plan and then that’s it, it’s ruined and they over eat. This may last a day or an entire weekend. Sometimes they fall off the plan and forget it completely and gain even more bodyfat then before. Is this you? Then keep reading!

How does this 6 week coaching programme work?

You will recieve a series of videos from me on a weekly basis, each containing the tools and tips you need to ditch yo-yo dieting, points counting, restricting and bingeing and food guilt once and for all. I will coach you to become a mindful, self sufficient dieter who no longer has to rely on plans, points or overly restrictive diets in order to gain the results you want and deserve.

This is a format I have used with all of my one to one clients and in-person group coaching with great success. Not only will it allow you to finally succeed as your fat loss goal, it will teach you how to accept your body, your shape and your varying features (because let’s face it, if you don’t love yourself now how will you ever love your slimmer self?).

It will teach you to chill the “F” out when it comes to fat loss. Be patient, enjoy the journey and stop rushing the results. There is no “on plan” or “off plan” with this programme, it is one continuous journey of fat loss AND maintenance-because not many diet groups often teach you how to KEEP the bodyfat off once you’re where you want to be without having some sort of T&C in there that earns them money somehow.

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 Great for teaching you how to achieve even with seasonal distractions or holidays

Because things like Christmas and holidays fill so many people with dread AND THEY SHOULDN’T! What I will teach you is damage limitation. I’ll teach you that it’s okay to postpone a fat loss target during a holiday or over New Year or Easter for example. I’ll teach you how to reassure yourself that it’s okay to go out and choose foods in a restaurant that help towards your goal OR that if you choose to live your best life, that’s ok too!

This isn’t just about calorie counting and a calorie deficit.

I use evidence based approaches and tools to guide you and dispell many dieting myths along the way. Of course the only thing that causes fat loss is a calorie deficit, how you achieve that deficit however, doesn’t have to be torturous, boring, guilt-laden and stressful. By taking a relaxed and flexible approach to fat loss you will be extremely surprised at how easy it is to lose and KEEP OFF. How do you become relaxed? You work with me on your mindset and attitude towards food.

Things like:

  • Food stigma…labelling stuff as “good” and “bad”- we sack this off completely.
  • Stopping regular weight checks- it isn’t a reliable source of progress tracking and can make many people fly off the handle and ruin their mood. Why do it to yourself?
  • Stopping yourself from eating certain foods- research is now saying that by stopping the restriction on foods, you remove the desire to eat them.
  • Beating yourself up for certain eating behaviours and owning the decisions you make without guilt or shame.

Any much more!

In the words of Martin MacDonald, you will learn to give yourself “unconditional permission to eat”.


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Not only do you receive the tools to lose body fat for good, you receive support too.

Not just from me but from the community you’ll build by joining this programme. Everybody who takes part will be added into a support group where we can all discuss our issues, struggles and successes together. I find this is the most powerful tool I can give you. Like minded people, with a similar story, in the same boat as you.

Alongside this, you will be invited to check in with me personally every week after each new video is emailed to you. The videos are sent on Fridays, I respond to your check-ins via email on the Monday which gives you loads of time to think of any questions or issues you also need help on and email them across before the check-in deadline. If you don’t watch the videos or watch them in another order, that’s absolutely fine. There is NO stress or pressure with this coaching- it’s all about your pace and your level.

I will also post loads of helpful tips and tricks into the private group, go live with the questions and answers for that week so that the whole group benefits (without mentioning individual’s names FYI) and I will post workouts in there too if it’s requested by those who would like to try some activity as well.

In order to join the private group, you will be required to have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one it’s very simple and free to sign up-you don’t have to use your real name, just please let me know what Alias you choose so I know which person registered the account belongs to.

So…What now?

If you feel this programme is for you and you want to embark on your journey towards feeling better about yourself, trusting your reactions to foods and drinks, liking your body and smashing your fat loss goal in the long run (and keeping it off!) get yourself on it NOW.

There are 20 spaces only available at the Early bird rate. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Enrollments close on 22nd January 2020. On 23rd January 2020, I’ll send the welcome video with link to the private Facebook support group and will add everyone to the private group. I will then send the first coaching video out on January 24th! If you don’t get paid until after then I will open up a latecomers payment option after 24th January. You may miss out on the first live Q and A but the lives always remain in the group ready for watching.

You’ll need to start this with an open mind, a little blind faith and the willing to start liking yourself. (regardless of where you are in your fat loss journey currently).

I am so excited to work with you!

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