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Looking for a personal trainer? Trying to lose body fat? Bulk up? Improve your relationship with food? Get fit? Have a look at the options below and see if there is something to suit your goal or goals.

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  1. I have appointment booked with you Friday 8th June at 10am. I am on holiday, and have got sun burnt on my back. Due back home on Thursday. I think it’s best if I cancel appointment, as sun burn hurts. So sorry (letting you know now so hopefully you can fill appointment space). I would like to be able to contact you again to make another appointment when I don’t feel so sore! I apologise for messing you about. I feel so stupid for getting burnt, but I know I would be wasting your time and mine this week. Hope to see you maybe next week to start my treatment. Kind regards Elizabeth Baker.

  2. Hi we are four friends who are looking for a personal trainer. Two males aged 58, one female aged 58 and one female aged 45. We all need to loose weight.

  3. Sarah your an absolutely an amazing women.
    You’ve come so far. An what a beautiful lady you’ve really become, also with a magnificent physical appearance.
    Just wanted to say congratulations.

    Kindest regards Professor Johnson

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