About Sarah Bockhart.

I had always struggled with my weight. I was a yo-yo dieter and emotional eater. One day everything changed, I had had enough. I changed my eating habits, mindset and I found a way of exercising that I actually enjoyed.

In 2008 I qualified as a Personal Trainer  and now it’s my full time job to help others do the same! In person AND online!

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Let me introduce myself as I have had a few new followers lately. I’m Sarah, I’m a full time, self-employed fitness professional. . Before fitness, I was studying a music degree at Anglia Ruskin,Cambridge. After 1.5yrs I quit and never went back into further education again. Instead I worked hard on my career in fitness. . I was overweight, unhealthy, anxious, depressed, lacked any self esteem and spiralling into self destruction. Enough was enough! I started working out in my uni room to my favourite music soundtracks. I reduced what I was eating (yet still enjoyed take aways, pizza, late night chip runs, alcohol, snacks- the lot. After losing over 3 and a half stone & dropping from an 18 to a size 10 I quit uni and started working hard on a career in fitness. . I’d been on the receiving end of fitness instructors/PTs who had the intimidating appearance, the “go hard or go home” attitude and I had stood at fitness classes sweating with nerves before I had even warmed up (I had walked away too scared to try as well). . I wanted to be someone who involved every person at every age, size & ability. To show people all bodies are beautiful which is why I always try to show my lumps, bumps and marks! I had a warped perception of perfection thanks to the media and I want to show you all that we are ALL perfect! . I’ve ploughed money & hours into my career & now specialise in personal training, fatloss coaching, over 50’s, cardiac rehabilitation and pre & post natal & more. . I teach 13 classes a week. When I’m not doing that I’m sports massaging clients in my friend’s salon, touring with @fight_klub drum ‘n’ bass workout & occasionally I teach a the odd live workout on @resultswithlucy & at their Thorpe retreat at lifehouse spa. . I was the fat girl who got out of PE to practice music. I WALKED cross country. I HATED being in any kind of fitness/swim wear. This year though I ran the London Marathon! Something I never ever thought I would achieve.(You can watch my whole highlight if you want in my profile of the run start to finish) . I live with my partner Ben (also a PT) & my dog Emily who I’m rather obsessed with! Thanks for following!

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I specialise in:

  • Sports massage (Clacton-on-Sea only)
  • Cardiac rehabilitation,
  • Exercise for other chronic conditions (such as arthritis, osteoporosis, mental health conditions, lung conditions and diabetes).
  • Nutrition and am currently extending my knowledge through the Mac-Nutrition Uni qualification.
  • I also present as one of Fight Klub’s elite trainers.
  • I work for Results Wellness Lifestyle, owned by Lucy Mecklenburgh and her PT Cecilia, teaching step, Aerobics, Fight Klub and as my role as one of their nutritional advisors.

To me, it’s all about having fun and being happy! I love helping people feel better about themselves and improve their lives.


I’ve never really been a sporty person, I was always the student at school making excuses to skip PE. Until one day something in my mind just clicked. I was fed up of trying all the fad yo-yo diets (and failing). I wanted to feel good about how I looked and felt once and for all. That’s exactly what I did! It was a long journey and I changed a few negative and damaging habits along the way, gradually so that I could maintain the changes.

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What I’d like Instagram to see VS what Ben sees VS what I see 😂 Currently sitting slightly higher in bodyfat than I was pre-lockdown BUT I’m fitter than I’ve been in a while, sleeping ALL NIGHT THROUGH, minimal stress/anxiety and no cold sores since January. . There was once a time I felt immense pressure to look like other fitness professionals. But why can’t I be really fit and enjoy motivating others towards their goals while also looking like this? I tell you what as well, being a sports masseuse I’ve learned more women look like me than they do fitness models . I have aesthetic goals like everyone else, there is a size I prefer to be for less chub rub and ease of my job. But right now I’m also grateful for this work in process ❤️ if you don’t love yourself NOW then nothing will EVER feel like it’s good enough. Your body and shape is still your body and shape even if you’re leaner. So start loving it NOW as it makes the process so much more pleasant 😊

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I learned how to embrace my shape and accept myself as I am and now I’m very much an advocate of normalising normal bodies, because I believe that only seeing the airbrushed “perfect” photos is why I used to have such a hate-hate relationship with my own.

I understand the struggle that is eating well and exercising regularly -I’ve been there remember- and I know many, many tricks to get you where you need to be.


About Ben Clyne

The other half of myHealthHub (as well as Sarah’s actual other half!).

After moving back home from living in Spain for my school life, I started my transition from a skinny, lazy boy to a man who has found the right balance between working out and living life how I enjoy to. I’m a very laid back person with a laid back approach to my coaching, which means I don’t apply tonnes of pressure on to my clients. I explain the importance of finding their balance between what they wish to achieve, and the life they’re willing to live. Because at the end of it all, their transformation has to be something they can realistically continue to sustain for the rest of their lives.

I won’t make you eat just chicken and brown rice, train twice a day and not go out with your partner or friends. Nothing wrong with that approach of course! That just isn’t my thing and if it’s what you’re looking for, get in touch as I can recommend some great coaching for that.

If you’re looking to lose some body fat, improve your fitness and/or physical appearance and still enjoy a weekend with friends or meal out with your partner-I’m ready to help you achieve that balance of “looks vs life”. I aim to get you changing your habits to the point where at the end of the three months you’ll be capable of knowing what to do on your own should you wish to spread your wings and continue smashing your goals without me.

I specialise in:

  • Sports massage (Clacton and surrounding areas only)
  • Exercise for other chronic conditions (such as arthritis, osteoporosis, mental health conditions, lung conditions and diabetes).
  • Basic nutrition for fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Les Mills and online coaching

I also thoroughly enjoy simply working you hard in your PT sessions while Sarah works with you to conquer the deep-seeded emotional or habitual issues in her nutritional consultations. Together we can offer you a programme that’s completely bespoke to you and your needs.


Sarah Bockhart

Personal Trainer, Sports massage therapist in Clacton-on-Sea, Holland-on-Sea and surrounding areas. Sarah Bockhart.