Fight Klub FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Fight Klub Clacton, Brightlingsea or Colchester.

This page is a Fight Klub  information spot for the three venues taught by both myself and Carrie my friend and colleague in Clacton, Brightlingsea and Colchester.

The three venues


Is the venue that I teach at. The address is: Holland-on-Sea Methodist Church, Kings Avenue, CO15 5JS (opposite Faluso pizzeria and next door to Roberts social club and Ladbrokes). I teach Bag Box here on a Monday night 18:30-19:30 and straight into 30 minutes of DNB workout 19:30-20:00.

I also teach DNB workout on a Wednesday night at TEC, Jaywick Lane, Clacton, CO16 8BE…. and you can choose to book the first half an hour 18:30-19:00 or the full class 18:30-19:30. What we do on a Wednesday is half way through the class after a short break, while the full class start to get going again, the 30minute group stand to the side and stretch. I lead both so you don’t need to worry about how to stretch, I’ve learnt to multi-task!

You can find directions to TEC here. You can join the Fight Klub Clacton facebook page here. You can join the Drum ‘n’ Bass workout Clacton page here. You can like the Drum ‘n’ Bass Instagram page here.


This venue is taught by Carrie. The address is: Brightlingsea Community Centre, Lower Park Road, Brightlingsea, CO7 0LG. Carrie teaches DNB workout there on Tuesdays 18:00-18:50 straight into Bag box 19:00-20:00. On a Wednesday morning she teaches bag box only from 09:30-10:30 and on a Thursday it’s bag box only again 19:30-20:30.

You can like the Fight Klub Colchester (which includes bag box Brightlingsea) here. You can like Fight Klub Colchester and Brightlingsea’s Instagram page here.


Colchester is taught by Carrie and is currently about to undergo a venue change that has been requested at short notice and beyond our control. Please visit this booking link for the most up-to-date venue information, you’ll need to click on one of the dates that says “Fight Klub Colchester”.

What is the difference between Fight Klub Bag Box and Fight Klub Drum ‘n’ Bass Workout?

DNB workout is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class that uses no equipment. It’s a mixture of low impact exercise and exercises that exert you more. Bag Box is a class where we punch and kick large freestanding bags and learn short and fun sequences that we repeat on the right arm and then on the left arm.

Take a look at the two videos below, one of me teaching Drum ‘n’ Bass workout to the o2 arena and a Fight Klub event:

And here is Carrie teaching bag box at the same event at the o2:

How to book

Booking is done online and paid by card via a very secure website called stripe which is similar to PayPal. Spaces are limited due to health and safety restrictions and numbers of bags available so for this reason they must be booked. If you have any issues please head to the Facebook or Instagram page of the class you’re hoping to join and message myself or Carrie. Alternatively use my contact page and email me directly.

Clacton links are: for Drum ‘n’ Bass workout and for Bag Box

Brightlingsea and Colchester are BOTH bookable at


Questions that myself and Carrie get messaged regularly.

Why are there so many pages and booking links if you both work together?
Ok, so this is a little complicated. Carrie is a bag box franchise owner. I am not. This means she pays a fee to lease the Bag Box bags per venue. She teaches in Brightlingsea and Colchester and then pays me to teach her Bag Box classes on Mondays in Clacton. Drum ‘n’ Bass workout however, is a concept that we both pay fees to teach (which we can teach in any venue as we are not tied to any equipment leasing). This is why the Bag Box Clacton and the DNB workout Clacton pages and booking links are separate. One goes into my bank account and one goes into Carrie’s. 
I'd love to come but I have no one to come with
This is my FAVOURITE message I get! Fight Klub classes are for EVERYONE, whether you know someone or know no one! Mine and Carrie’s class participants take it upon themselves to make every new person feel welcome. We have our regulars that stand with new people who come alone just to make them feel comfortable (mine is my 62 year old mum) and this is what I LOVE about Fight Klub. Every.single.person who has messaged saying classes aren’t their “thing” or they have anxiety and can’t handle new places very well etc that HAVE managed to turn up alone-have become regulars! Last year my Clacton Fight Klubbers went out for a Christmas meal and the 10 people around the table had all never met one another before Fight Klub
Is everyone super fit and super thin?
Our classes have participants who are all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. I can genuinely say that if age or size makes you feel self conscious, we want you in our classes! We’ve had men and women trying to bulk and tone up come to the classes. I also had a lady ask me the other day if any other ladies were her size (around a size 18-20) and I said yes of course I do. It got me thinking though about the fact that the last lady who asked me that now no longer fits into that category as she lost so much weight from attending the classes! I wonder how she would feel now, knowing that women who are the size she used to be are intimidated by the size she is now? Mortified I imagine, and even more eager to make everyone feel welcome! 
Do I need to be coordinated?
Everyone’s perception of “coordinated” is different. If only I had £1 for every person that said they have no coordination yet caught on to the classes with ease and perfect timing! Bag box requires the need to hit the bag in time with music, it’s better you do this so that you’re not taking any unnecessary impact by a mis-timed punch forcing your hand back before it’s made contact properly. If you all hit together, the impact is more comfortable. However, the sequences learned are broken down into manageable chunks and we say the moves as we do them which makes it easier to get right! Drum ‘n’ Bass workout is basically a free for all, just move about as you feel comfortable and if it’s in time that’s great but if it isn’t who cares? 
Do I need gloves for bag box? I don't have any!
You absolutely MUST wear gloves for bag box. All venues have a small number of gloves that are there to borrow and you can order your own through Myself or Carrie if you decide you would like to come regularly and want your own.
What's the age limit?
13 is the minimum, there is no maximum. 13 and 14 year olds MUST be accompanied by an adult who is 18 or older. Children who are younger are allowed to sit quietly at the side but must NOT join in, if you struggle with childcare or want to bring them to be collected mid-class.
Is this class suitable for beginners?
Yes. You get out what you put in. If you have any problems with your upper body you needn’t strike the bag at all. There is always an alternative exercise to do. Of course you must always consult your GP if you’re taking up any new activity, especially if you have any medical conditions to consider.
Is it for men and women?
YES not just men and women, all genders!
What should I wear?
Something comfortable. Leggings/shorts and a loose T-shirt along with supportive trainers/pumps, women are advised to wear a supportive sports bra
What should I bring?
You will need water, any medication you may have to take such as an asthma pump or glucose if you are diabetic and perhaps a towel. You will need gloves, there are a small number available to borrow at class but if you wish to attend regularly you’ll need your own for hygiene reasons, you can order some through me for just £20.00 or wear your own.
I have an injury, can I still take part?
Yes, as long as you know your limits and it is safe for you to do so. You will take part completely at your own risk and must let me know prior to the class so that I can make adaptations for exercises necessary to keep your session safe and effective for you. If you have any problems with your upper body you needn’t strike the bag at all.
Can I watch a class first before I decide?
Yes, no problem at all. As a courtesy please let me know you’re there to watch.