12 runs in 12 months

12 runs in 12 months

You know when you try a run and enjoy it so much you get “the bug” and then think up the stupid idea to do one run a month for 12 months? Just me then?

So in August 2017 I ran my first “official” 10km run with a PT client of mine. I hadn’t bothered doing an organised run before because when you’re a personal trainer, NO ONE WANTS TO DO FITNESS FOR FUN WITH YOU. My friends won’t even WALK with me, maybe for fear that I’ll have them lunging the whole way? Maybe they feel judged by me or think I’m some super-fit person who walks at 30mph? I honestly DON’T!

Anyway, I was delighted that someone DID want to run with me, and how did I relax the evening of my first 10km run? I googled more runs and decided FROM THAT DAY I would do a run a month for a year. ‘Cause why not? They need to be local ones though, because I said so. That’s how 12 runs, 12 months came to be.

August 2017

Sunday 20th 2017 Clacton Carnival 10km run organised by Nice Work. What a great run! Right along Clacton and Holland-on-Sea seafront. It was very warm (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE by the way) and the sun was beaming. There was a cool breeze in one direction and I did this run with one of my PT clients.

We were timed by chip and managed it in 1hr 17.11sec. We were both really pleased with the time (and the fact that we didn’t collapse like a few of the participants we saw across the finish line! Must have been the heat). So…that has now set the bar and given us our “PB” which I’m looking to improve on. My knee has been a bit dodgy of late but it held up phenomenally. However, my right foot was in agony two days after and affected my classes that I teach. Not sure what that was all about! A mix of upping the avocado and using my pulseroll soon sorted it out though.



September 2017

Dedham 10k BOOKED

[update 17/09/2017] Louise my PT client and I did this run today and my goodness when it said “undulating” in the description it wasn’t blinking joking!! We really did tackle some wonderful hills among the beautiful countryside scenery. The weather was perfect. Cool, dry and bright. My knee felt fine and still feels alright which is good. I just hope my foot doesn’t cause any issues like it did the last run we did!

The smell of the BBQ beforehand was incredible, but we resisted! It was lovely jogging past the fun run and seeing quite a few children taking part in the runs too. Considering it was quite hilly we managed to beat our time very slightly, 1 hour 16mins 16 secs!!!!!! So I can’t wait for our virtual run along the flat terrain of the seafront again to see what time we get next month!

I must remember now to get some of those removable sleeves as well, I was quite chilly starting off. I also saw a few runners with really long socks on that they were able to roll down by the end. Why have I not thought of this before?!

October 2017

I had a couple to choose from but I think I’m going to go with a local one in Wix near where I live. Although it’s an 8km and I really would like to complete 10kms and above if I can, it’s only a 20min drive from home. My other options were The Martlesham 10km which is a 50min drive away AND I’m out for dinner the night before with a group of friends. I did find the Cambridge town and gown 10km in aid of muscular dystrophy UK, but it’s on the same date as a friend’s baby shower and it’s not particularly local! Looks amazing though!

[UPDATE 1/09/2017] Game changer! I was browsing The virtual runner UK website and found an awesome 10km run in October which earns you a coffin shaped medal that opens up to reveal a glow in the dark skeleton. If that isn’t reason enough to complete this run I don’t know WHAT IS!! I booked it before I even updated this post! The charity it supports is Tree of Hope. The good thing about the vitual runs is you can do them at your leisure WHICH MEANS at a time and in weather that suits! Their medals are always funky and original as well. I’m so excited!! I’ve booked poor Louise on to do it with me as well.

[UPDATE 14/09/2017] I have just persuaded a few of my PT clients and a couple of friends to all take part in the virtual 5km which then wins you a very pretty masquerade medal! Oh I DO love a bit of bling! The charity this virtual run is supporting is the PSPA (Progressive supranuclear palsy association) and there are 6 of us who have paid to take part to get this medal and donate and two coming along for the run and are raising money elsewhere.

[UPDATE 31/10/2017] 10km AND 5km runs both COMPLETE! Check out my funky medals from Virtual runner UK!! They were both seafront runs so nice and flat and both resulted in a visit to a café for coffee and a snack after, result!!



November 2017

Birthday month! The big 3-0 no less. I hope I can squeeze in a cheeky run among all my celebrations! There’s a Benidorm 10k which appeals a hell of a lot to me but who am I kidding?  There is the Chelmsford 10k although it’s the morning after I have a little post birthday soiree at my flat…not a good idea.

[UPDATE 19/09/2017] I’ve just booked onto another virtual run. It’s called the 401 festival of running 10km and it’s in aid of the 401 foundation. I love that I’m finding out about smaller, less popular charities by doing these virtual runs.

[UPDATE 20/12/2017] The last month was HECTIC. I had my 30th birthday AND my partner’s birthday too. Among the partying, a holiday to Center Parcs and working- my boyfriend bought me a PUPPY!!!! So she has kept me away from my website because she is just so beautiful. Anyway we did our November 10k run long from Frinton-on-Sea to Holland-on-Sea. It was a tougher run this time because I was naughty and ran with the tail end of a cold and cough but we did it! The medal is huge! This run was done the day before my 30th birthday with two friend’s of mine and we went to a cafe called Connaught’s in Frinton-on-Sea afterwards for brunch.




December 2017

Virtual “12k’s of Christmas” snowglobe medal

[UPDATE 30/12/2017] We did it! It was a great feeling to complete 12km! This is the furthest we have ever run in one go so were all extremely pleased! We thoroughly enjoyed our scones and coffee afterwards at Connaught’s coffee house in Frinton-on-Sea! A couple of us had to stop and walk due to niggling pains in the knees so were sensible and didn’t try to push through the pain. My finishing time for this was 1hr 25min 23sec and the medal is BEAUTIFUL!

January 2018

I have booked to do the Hadleigh 10k organised by Nice Work. Stupidly I thought this was Hadleigh near where I live…little did I know there are TWO Hadleighs! So a little 1hr drive is needed as opposed to 30-40mins. No big deal, we will treat ourselves to breakfast first as that’s ample time for it to go down while we travel!

[UPDATE 10/01/2018]  My friend and I who have booked this have decided not to travel to this run! We will be completing a virtual run instead with the rest of the run and brunch group.

[UPDATE 28/01/2018] THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST RUN YET!!! Not only did we manage a new personal best time, we have the BEST prosecco afternoon tea after it! We really did spoil ourselves today and it made the run so much more enjoyable knowing we had something SO lovely afterwards! We managed to get a groupon deal for the hotel we tend to meet outside for “run and brunch” and “walk and brunch” called The Kingscliff Hotel.

I did this virtual run for a very pretty Mandala Medal from Uk Virtual Race where 20% of my booking fee was donated to the charity Tommy’s which funds medical research into premature birth.

February 2018

London winter run BOOKED

[UPDATE 07/02/2018] I had to cancel this race!! I had been so poorly and the night before the race I broke out in two clusters of coldsores on my lip. Alongside that I’d developed a chesty cough and cold and have been feeling very, VERY run down. I didn’t even have the energy to still go with my friends and just support them or walk, the thought of travelling to London made me feel worse! So instead I will be completing a virtual run with run and brunch for a Golden ticket opening medal!

[UPDATE 25/02/2018] Medal done and  dusted! What an awesome medal it is too!! Love the virtual Run UK medals!!


March 2018

I am SO EXCITED!!!! I’m booked on to do the Colchester zoo stampede run on March 4th! 1km around the zoo and then 9km around Colchester! WITH ENTRY TO THE ZOO AFTERWARDS!!! I am literally a big child.

[UPDATE 02/03/2018] I am absolutely gutted that the heavy snow means the zoo run has been cancelled. I’m not at all surprised considering the amount we have had but it’s been moved to a date where I already have an event booked with Fight Klub!!! So on March 18th I will complete a virtual 10km run instead.

[UPDATE 18/03/2018] Another 10km completed! The virtual medal isn’t as exciting as my previous medals but it’s the only one I could find for this month! I’m starting to get a wicked collection of bling now! My friend made me this medal holder thankfully!

April 2018

April consisted of another virtual run. Myself and three friends managed a nice casual one this time and popped for a coffee afterwards. I smile to myself every time I see the medal for this one from race the distance.


May 2018

This was meant to be the Colchester zoo run, which I had to miss to take part in another event. So I forgot to order a medal for this one! Which is a shame. But we enjoyed a nice coffee at the end of it and it was a gorgeous morning as well. Next month’s run is the best one by far! I can’t WAIT to run through Dedham vineyard and wine test en route! Here we are in the photo post run. It was a very relaxed in-timed run/chat and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

June 2018

This has to be THE BEST run I have booked! Dedham Vale VINEYARD 10K!! Yes, that’s right, VINEYARD! With optional wine tasting stations AND a glass of wine included at the end! The best bit is one of the ladies I’m doing it with has kindly offered her husband to drive us, result! I also have a 10 mile virtual run booked too because I have now officially registered for my FIRST HALF MARATHON!! The Clacton half…where this all started last year doing the 10km. Only this year we run twice the distance and are finishing with cocktails- because why not?

[UPDATE -and the best one yet!!]

Oh my GOODNESS what a month! Not only did I achieve a distance personal best of 10miles, the vineyard was the absolute best run I have ever taken part in!

The 10 miler was a seafront virtual jog. We were absolutely made up we achieved this! With the half marathon so close as well it’s a great base to be working with. I don’t plan to run much further than this now until race day and have an 8miler and another 10 miler in mind between now and August.

NOW…the Dedham, vineyard run!


Oh boy, the grounds were so beautiful. The scenery was quaint, there was a lake, a bridge, horses, farmers and some absolutely STUNNING houses. There wasn’t a strenuous amount of running so I would absolutely recommend it as a first 10km. Every 1.5km was either a stop which had water, wine gums and samples OR a section of farmland which wasn’t suitable for running such as uneven ground or some boggy wet areas.

The 5km runners ran round with us to begin with and then the 10km runners did an additional lap of the same route which was fabulous as we then knew when to expect the wine tasting again! Also, as one of us was driving it meant that myself and the other runner had extra! The wines we tasted were all English, two whites (one of which was repeated twice) and a rose. So four tasting stops in total, and we visited each twice. Needless to say the pictures show a clear timeline of our journey…

We even made friends on the way who were similarly paced and equally semi-sloshed! At the end we were met with more wine AND we won two bottles as well. I slept very deeply that evening…

July 2018

The final run to complete my 12 consecutive runs! It was originally going to be the Chelmsford race for like 10km. However, with the half marathon just next month we decided to complete a seafront 10.5mile and have coffee instead. So my medal was another virtual one. Although it was a 10km medal I had completed around 9 miles.


There you have it! This was a fun challenge and I would recommend it. It is just the right amount of challenging and achievable. It got me trying new distances and encouraged me to sign up to more events. I’m gutted I missed nearly ALL of the official running events though, virtuals are great and still raise money for charity but I wish I hadn’t missed the winter run and the zoo run (I’ve booked the zoo half marathon for September though so it’s all good!)

The most exciting part is having finished on a half marathon I applied for a British Hear Foundation charity space for the London Marathon 2019. I didn’t think I would get in but guess what? I did!

Let the MARATHON training begin!!




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