Drum ‘N’ Bass Workout Clacton

(Formally known as “Totally Shredded Clacton)

Official Drum N Bass Workout- CLACTON

This Clacton class is a sister work out of the incredible  FIGHT KLUB brand. It’s an equipment-free High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class; no boxing gloves required!

I fell in love with Fight Klub Drum and Bass workout the first time I ever tried it. The atmosphere is addictive and you really don’t realise you are burning so many calories! Once the music is playing you just lose yourself and it’s a great environment to just let go and have fun.

It’s easy to follow and you don’t need to learn complicated sequences. It gets everyone hyped up and involved and you leave this class absolutely buzzing.

Anyone can try it and if there’s a move in it you can’t do you can just choose an alternative-it’s all about having fun and moving.

This class is on in Clacton-on-Sea as well as Holland-on-Sea both morning and evening sessions. Directions to the venues can be found here.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to read some of the class participant’s comments. They’re an amazing group of people that just keep coming back for more!


Common Questions

Is this class suitable for beginners?
Yes. This class uses what is known as high intensity interval training (HIIT) and what you deem “high intensity” will be different from another person’s “high intensity”. You are able to complete this workout at your own pace, even if you don’t take the intensity up high at all. You could even have a go at it in a chair if you needed to. Of course you must always consult your GP if you’re taking up any new activity, especially if you have any medical conditions to consider.
What's the age limit?
The limit is 13 years old and above. 13 and 14 year olds must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over.
is it for men and women?
YES all genders!
What should I wear?
Something comfortable. Leggings/shorts and a loose T-shirt along with supportive trainers/pumps, women are advised to wear a supportive sports bra
What should I bring?
 You will need water, any medication you may have to take such as an asthma pump or glucose if you are diabetic and perhaps a towel. Both venues have water fountains.
I have an injury, can I still take part?
 Yes, as long as you know your limits and it is safe for you to do so. You will take part completely at your own risk and must let me know prior to the class so that I can make adaptations for exercises necessary to keep your session safe and effective for you.
Am I too fat to join in?
I get asked this a lot! NO YOU’RE NOT TOO FAT TO JOIN IN! As long as no medical professional has advised you stay clear from exercise, you are most welcome to join in. There are people of ALL ages, sizes, abilities at my classes and because I was overweight myself I make sure everyone feels welcome. There is absolutely no judgement at DNB workout, the groups are all so kind to each other and we work hard to build one another up and give each other confidence!
Can I bring my child to sit and colour/read/use the iPad?
Yes, as long as nobody under the age of 13 joins in the class, they are welcome to sit and wait while you do it but remain completely under your supervision and must be within your sight at all times.
Can I watch a class first before I decide?
Yes, no problem at all. As a courtesy please let me know you’re there to watch. What I will say though is, although this class allows you to heavily modify and adapt each exercise to your own personal abilities, by watching the class you may only experience other people’s abilities who may have been attending for 2-3 years! This can feel a little intimidating and you may not notice the people who ARE modifying the moves. So I do urge everyone to come along and try it if you’re brave enough instead of just watching, the group are so supportive, friendly and always do their best to make anybody who is new feel at ease and comfortable.
Do I have to book?
I urge everybody to book online if they can as I don’t exchange cash on the premises. If you can’t book online, just let me know and we can arrange you paying by cash, PayPal or transfer. Paying online is via a simple card payment which is very secure, using stripe, same sort of thing as PayPal, and I do NOT receive your details! If you do not book online, you will not receive any emails of last minute cancellations or changes in hall. I won’t spam your email.
Where are the classes?
Directions to the venues can be found here.


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Not from Clacton?
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12 thoughts on “Drum ‘N’ Bass Workout Clacton

  1. This class really gets me pumped and the music also! I feel like I’ve had a good work out once I’ve finished always come out sweating and want to do more! The atmosphere is great! And a nice big space to work your but of! I always look forward to this clas every Wednesday! X

  2. It’s fun, energectic and a very motivational class! It’s different each week and it’s definitely helping me achieve my goals x

  3. Love it. not sure how working out can be so fun but it is. Some exercise classes can feel like punishment but not this one. I’ve had great results feel so much healthier and better In myself.

  4. Finally found an excercise i enjoy and is doing the job thats for sure, class is always pumped up great music lots of people having fun and makes u sweat! Booking for next week and many more weeks after that
    Many thanks to sarah for making it comfortable to come back again and again

  5. Finally!! A class with music I love!! Class is always pumped up and room is full of energy. Fun, energetic and a laugh! I’ll certainly will be here every possible week I can make it x

  6. Absolutely love this class, it’s so much fun – you don’t realise how hard you’ve worked until the end! This sort of class will improve your stamina massively each week. It helps the music is banging as well! Xx

  7. This is the best fitness class ever, it’s so different to to other classes, the music makes you wanna work your butt off. You have so much fun every week no week is the same it is varied wish it was on twice a week, love it and it’s something to look forward to on a Wed yeah! great work Sarah your amazing we all have great fun thanks xx

  8. Absolutely love this class. It’s the only class that I look forward to going too each week. Sarah & the amazing music really gets everyone going! Your doing such an amazing job!! ??

  9. Love love love this class…so energetic, good music and a brilliant fitness instructor. Will definitely be going every week that i can x

  10. Love it! Sarah pushes us to ensure we get the most out of the class. I’m always walking funny the next day though….feel the burn!!! ???

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