Giving this blogging lark a go (finally)

Hi and thanks for visiting! 

After working with and seeing the rise of a lot of fitness bloggers in the past few years I have decided I would give it a shot my self with the help of my best friend Kelly of Nature mum blog.

Now, there was a lot to think about, who will host me? What will my domain be? What blog platform do I use? Kelly helped me a lot but I decided to start slow and just get to grips with my WordPress editing app on my iPhone SE. So far so good!

This may all change the more confident I become but at the moment I’m at a point in my life where things are really about to change and I tend to bury myself in every little thing I do and feel very overwhelmed.

This ‘test’ blog post is my way of satisfying my need to go all out (i.e start a blog, create a domain, write about 500 pages so I have content, make a logo and create a brand and take over the world all in one night) while I learn to only focus on the important real-world stuff that will get me what I need in the here and now.
Literally as I’ve written the last sentence my boyfriend has said: 

‘what are you doing?’ 

Me:’Writing my first blog post’ 

bf:’isn’t doing {the other real life thing I’m currently putting off} more important?’ 

……How did he know?!

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