Men’s bits that women prefer!

C2DU7YUXAAAAjFwBoys…you’re the butt of many personal trainer’s jokes…you aggravate us something chronic and we deem you the participants of the ever-so sarcastic “perfect workout”. You think training only your chest, abs and biceps will make you an Adonis when you actually resemble nothing more than a cartoon tortoise.

Well STOP! Because if YOU go to the gym and train CHEST- CHEST-CHEST! ABS-ABS-ABS! BICEPS-CHEST-BICEPS!  I now have PROOF that apart from your training more than likely causing you terrible, long term problems due to the muscular imbalances, women just don’t find those parts quite as sexy! 


I know a lot of men are conscious of their “moobs”. 5 squillion pressups will not get rid of your man-jugs if you don’t watch your diet and start including some fat burning cardio vascular exercises in your programme as well. A mixture of weights and cardio will blitz those bad boys in no time.


No one wants tickets to the gun show, no I won’t call the vets-your swans are not sick. Your biceps will also grow if you challenge your other muscle groups simultaneously, for example by performing compound exercises such as narrow chin ups or bent over row with your palms up (supine position)


Wikipedia tells us that studies have shown that western women find men who are taller more attractive and seem more receptive to an erect posture!

Don’t want to believe good old ‘wiki’? well I personally asked 50 women to select one option from the following manly bits and look at what come up trumps!

Part of body                number/% of women who preferred it

Back                            23        46%    NEARLY HALF!!

Arms                            12        24%

Bum                             8         16%

Pecs                              2         4%

6 pack                          3         6%

Legs                             2         4%

So what now? How on earth will you fill your training time now your 4 day split routine ISN’T 3 days chest , abs and bi’s and 1 day of everything else? Well fear not! Here are some brilliant back-broadening exercises that will get you posture-perfect! NB: Make sure you write a new programme now that is balanced, match opposing muscle group; so for example make sure that, if you have 3 chest exercises, you have 3 back(lats) exercises; or if you have 2 ab exercises, you have 2 lower back/core exercises, it makes perfect sense!

  • Pull downs
  • Chin ups
  • Mid row or cable row
  • Deadlifts
  • Bent over row
  • Single arm row
  • Bent arm pullover
  • Straight arm push downs

TIP! Vary the grip, try wide, narrow, above the head and rowing movements so you’re hitting every muscle!

PLEASE avoid lat pulldowns behind your head though, if you do over train your shoulders they will roll forward; even the most perfect shoulders will find the behind the head maneuver too unnatural, you could cause some serious damage through straining.

Now what else makes for a lovely wide physique?


Remember your shoulders are anatomically made up of three distinct sets of fibres. Anterior(front),Medial (middle) and posterior (rear). Bench pressing uses the front of your shoulders significantly (hence why people who over train and get tight muscles have shoulders that round forward, they should be back and in line with your ears). Exercises such as the mid row or bent over row use the rears….but what about the mids? Easy! Try a lateral dumbbell raise, wide shoulder press or military press.

So fellas, there you have it! Stop worrying about so much about your chest arms and abs, the majority of women want to see a lovely wide hunter-gatherer back, so get working and give us something we can dig our nails into!


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