My favourite kitchen gadgets that help me eat healthily

Sometimes it can be really difficult to eat healthily, life gets in the way and things like food prep take a lot of time and effort. Any gadget that saves time and effort is a god send. Below is a list, in no particular order, of my favourite gadgets and why.

The Soup Maker

Not everyone is a soup person. I however, could live on soup all-day-long. Before now I would make my soups in a pan and use a hand blender to get the smooth and thick consistency I adore so damn much. I’ve splashed myself (the walls, the ceiling) with the molten liquid many a time using this method. AND THEN I FOUND THE SOUP MAKER.

It looks like a kettle, it boils everything up inside it like a kettle. But unlike the kettle is has a badass blade that purées like an absolute beast. Well, that is of course, if you choose the smooth mode, which is one of the three main modes you can choose from. Chunky mode leaves a little bite in your soup and juice mode is a sort of cold smoothie setting. It also has a blend option for an extra ‘jushe’.

15802365_338984823166542_7776549729818640384_nIt’s as easy as cutting up one onion, three carrots, a parsnip, a handful of frozen pumpkin flesh from Halloween, a medium potato and unwrapping a stock cube.I just wash and leave the skins on the root veg. Bung it all in, add water up to the line on the side and plug it in. I use smooth mode which takes 21 minutes and when the alarm sounds you have piping hot fresh soup! 21 MINUTES! You can literally use any mix of veg and meat you want to as well. I just freeze loads of seasonal vegetables or any veg that can’t be in the fridge much longer (buying from the reduced section in the supermarket is perfect for this!) It’s a great way to use up broccoli stalks and other bits of veg you wouldn’t normally just cook up and serve on your plate. This is my soup maker which you can now buy for a lot less on Amazon than I paid in the shops!



This gadget has been an absolute gem in my kitchen. I’ve made almond milk img_7266-2and all sorts with it! I’m absolutely in love. The general consensus of the drinks you make is you pack some sort of leafy vegetable in first, I use a lost of spinach or lettuce. You then add any fleshy fruit or vegetable chunks and top with nuts or seeds etc. Then top up with the liquid of your choice and blend. When I say blend, this absolutely pulverises anything inside it! It makes great houmous, very quickly. I swear that since having this gadget and increasing my avocado consumption I have banished the beginnings of very painful plantar fasciitis due to the anti-inflammatory properties. The pain literally disappeared. The version I bought is this one here which comes with the added extras.

Slow Cooker

What CAN’T you make in a slow cooker? I even read how to make bread it it earlier on the Kitchn blog! It’s another one that you can chuck all of your veggies in, a source of protein and any flavouring/herbs/spices you like and off you pop to carry on with your day without slaving over a stove. My favourites in the slow cooker are curry, Mexican chilli rice and for our treat meals, BBQ pulled chicken. It’s a great food prep machine because you can fill it with veg, meat and stock then add rice towards the end which soaks up the juices and it can then just be piled into Tupperware and taken to work. You can whip the pot straight out of the heating container and serve it straight to the table too. Love it, Love it, Love it.

The Food Processor

Why do I need a food processor AND a nutribullet I hear you say? Well, the nutribullet ideally shouldn’t run on full power for stints longer than 1min. Nut butter takes about 7-10mins of continuous blending before the oils extract and it becomes spreadable. Also…protein fluff! And not that I make it often but stuff like whipped cream and meringues, they’re all so much easier in a processor. Not to mention shredded veg for coleslaw and side salads. Yes you may think it’s lazy of me but I do a lot of food prep!

Bread maker

Now, I don’t actually own one of these (yet) but my mum has one and I envy how easily she makes her bread every time I stand and knead away at mine for 10 minutes. She pops her ingredients straight in and it mixes, proves and bakes it all for her! Some even come with a delay timer so you can set it to cook while you’re out and about or fast asleep! I just need to decide which one to buy, please make any recommendations in the comments below! Although when I’m brave enough I’m definitely trying the slow cooked bread!

What are your must-have kitchen gadgets? Have you tried any of the above and agree/disagree that they ROCK?


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