A review of my first attempt at making almond milk with my new nutribullet

First things first, I LOVE MY NUTRIBULLET! I swear blind that it has helped me get rid of my plantar fasciitis and tendinitis in my feet due to the sheer amount of anti-inflammatory fruit and veg I’ve consumed such as nuts, avocado and spinach.

Anywho today I tried to make my very own almond milk. I ordered the milk muslin bag off of eBay for a couple of quid.

Having soaked what was left of my bag (approx 3/4 cup) of whole almonds overnight in water I drained them off and attempted to peel them.

They didn’t peel too easily and I was too impatient so in to my small nutribullet cup they all went with fresh water up to the max line.

Blendy blendy for about 1min…

And that was that. Into my jug lined with muslin bag it all went, had to give it a good squeeze at the end…

Et voila!!! Almond milk! 

Mmmmm-mmm! Did it taste good! And I’ve frozen the left over almond paste for curries.

Now for the true test….using it in place of cow’s milk…in coffee.

Oh yes yes YES! Seriously, I was expecting some sort of mocha-bakewell tasting concoction, don’t ask me why, I had tasted almond milk before. But this! THIS! Is the one! It was creamy like…well, cream..but brought out the nuttiness of the coffee! Oh my goodness gracious me I had to have a second straight after! 


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