A review of my new PROMIXX mixer

img_7376My new PROMiXX mixer

So at a recent Totally Shredded training day I was kindly given a PROMiXX  mixer and I was SO excited to use it!

I normally use a small shaker with the metal blender ball which is fine but my hands are pretty small and it can be hard to grip after training arms or the day after a few sports massages.

img_7370-1First impressions-loving the pink! The PROMiXX mixer also comes in black and white. It’s light, with a slightly varying grip so my small hands manage well holding it closer to the bottom which is just as well as that’s where the motor button is anyway. It’s as simple as popping in two AAA batteries which were extremely easy to install, they’re held in by a rubber cap so no broken nails!

(Speaking of nails, I love mine! Had them done yesterday at Beaches salon, Holland-on-Sea. I digress…)

I also love that it all connects together by a quick clip in lid and motor, no twisting and unscrewing and having to tighten it up and risking cracking the lid.

It was so easy to use but before I get into it I’ll explain the key features I found the most exciting…

Key features of the PROMiXX mixer

  • It’s the worlds most powerful handheld vortex drinks mixer.img_7368-1
  • It has a 600ml capacity, fill line to 500ml plus room for your protein.
  • 100% leakproof!  Yet the lid is easy to pop open with my thumb.
  • Scientifically engineered blade which preserves micronutrients for improved protein performance.
  • It’s Self cleaning! Just add water and a touch of dish soap and mix away then rinse.
  • Made of BPA free food grade plastic
  • Can be used on instantised or non instantised powders, pre/intra/post workout formulas and diet/meal replacement shakes

It says on the box you can also mix cocktails, instant soups, baby formula and even eggs in it. They also sell add-ons such as a holder for your protein powder!

It’s literally as easy as:

  1. Fill with water to the amount stated on your protein packaging
  2. Add protein powder
  3. Press the button and watch it mix. I counted 20 seconds and it was blended to per-fec-tion.


I used a low carb whey protein blend of my own branding made of whey concentrate and isolate powder so not a very thick consistency at all. Blending time would definitely vary if using a thick high carb meal replacement shake.

PROMiXX mixer Sarah Bockhart personal trainer clactonCleaning? What cleaning?

Just add water and a little bit of dish soap and blend, rinse and dry! And if you want a deeper clean you can also easily remove the battery compartment.


It will definitely make life that little bit more convenient for me when drinking my protein. I find that it avoids the bubbles that you get when you use a shaker with the blender ball which makes all the different in the texture and stops you tasting your protein for hours afterwards as well.



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