Ways to reward your fitness success-without food

When it comes to achieving your goals, whether it be weight/fat loss or even gaining weight/muscle it’s a nice idea to reward yourself for your hard work.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using food as a reward for weight loss.

I’m from a family of feeders, so any achievement, happy event, SAD event…we used (use) food to commemorate it. I was a strong swimmer from the age of 4 up until I was 14 and pretty much after every swimming lesson I was allowed to buy a snickers. Have you ever read the calorie content of a snickers?! Yes, that’s right, 250kcals! How many calories does a chubby 8 year old burn in an hour’s swimming lesson taking it in turn to swim with 5 other children? NOT 250!

So do you see my point? Have you ever done the good old “I’ve lost 1lb this week I’m going to open a bottle of wine tonight!” but surely the whole point of rewarding your hard work is because you’re one step closer to achieving what you want, so why delay the process by taking in more calories you’ll have to work hard to burn off? You also run the risk of overindulging to the point where you trigger a relapse and resort back to your old ways.

I’m not saying we should never treat ourselves to something tasty, but if you’re super keen to keep yourself on track and still want to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished so far, check out my ideas below:


Retail therapysarah bockhart bujo

Who doesn’t love shopping? What better way to spend the money you’ve saved from NOT buying takeaways and wine, than popping to the shops and treating yourself. It doesn’t need to be expensive!

Here’s my example. I -LOVE- stationary, there’s just something about buying a new set of pens and writing on the first page of a brand new note book, and having recently got myself into bullet journalling thanks to cross-fitting health blogger, Georgina Ellis from fitcetera, I decided as a treat that I would get some new stationary for this sole purpose. It cost me all of £3.50. (and it’s the closest I’ll be to getting a real French bulldog for a long time but that’s another story.

Other examples could be a new scarf, top, trouser perhaps even in a smaller size because you’ve hit your target. You could get your car cleaned, buy some nice bubble bath or download a new playlist for the gym.


Celebrate with friends

Having other people praise your results is the ultimate boost. So why not organise a deliberate boost? I love it when a friend of mine hits a target and we all gather for a coffee and a gossip in celebration. Perhaps we just like any excuse to gather and gossip…

Other activities include walking a fair distance to a nice cafe for an Americano with skimmed milk or meeting to watch a film with chamomile tea perhaps in your pjs.


Sign up to a challenge

Ok, some may not see this as a reward, but hear me out. I have a friend and client who lost 2.5 stone and finally plucked up the courage to go jogging with me. This gave them such a buzz they went all out and started jogging regularly and because of the mix up in their training it helps them hit their target at the time. To celebrate they booked on to a fun run which a)gave them something to train for and b)boosted their confidence through the ROOF because they never in a million years thought they’d ever be “a runner”. Guess what? This same person ran the marathon with me in April 2019.

A great first challenge is the Race For Life  because it’s not an overwhelming distance, many people will walk/jog so there’s no pressure and it’s for a fantastic cause.


Lifehouse spaBook in for some TLC

What a way to reward yourself. A little relaxation time teamed up with a bit of pampering. Somewhere like Lifehouse spa & hotel where you can get a package with a friend or confidently walk around on your own. This particular spa is really hot on the health and wellness side of things and have a great menu if you’re watching what you eat. You can also get your fitness fix with their class timetable, some of which I teach there myself.

Not into spas? Why not book in to your local beauty salon for a nice massage or pop to the hairdressers for a deep condition? Maybe you have a friend who is a mobile beauty therapist or nail technician.

What’s your special reward for achieving a goal or goals? Be sure to leave a comment below to let us know!


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