Food labels- Chocolate spread

Always read your food labels!

Ok so I bought this skinny co. chocolate spread to try without looking too much into it (which can I just confirm is very tasty).

I thought that’s good…23kcals per serving. I wonder how much one serving is though? So I placed my toast on the scales and spread the chocolate spread like I usually would thinking I would use about 1-2 servings.

No no….FIVE SERVINGS. Over two slices of toast. So I thought WOW I’m having 115kcal when I thought it would only be 23-50kcal….imagine how many I’d be eating using a spread such as Nutella or a super market’s own brand spread?

So I compared the food labels…

…25kcals.  That’s the difference between Asda’s own and the skinny spread. That’s 12.5kcals per slice of toast.

Always check your labels

It’s so easy to buy a product because it’s marketed well and makes you think it’s superior to other products and this isn’t always the case. Another example is some hummus pots in supermarkets. They can market the plain hummus one as “low fat” because it’s lower than it’s full fat equivalent…however usually the Moroccan hummus is lower fat than both of them! Also don’t be fooled by “reduced” products. It doesn’t make them “low” they just have less than the original. So “reduced fat” crisps aren’t necessarily “low fat” crisps.

Bear in mind however, that if one purchased a “diet” product, it may make one more conscious of the portion on one’s toast. Especially if it’s a premium priced product and not a cheaper store brand. This could result in less calories being consumed through the smaller portion and could aid fat loss potentially.

What label tricks have you noticed? Do you check?

Always check products for sustainable palm oil too, chocolate spread in particular gets a bad rep for the use of palm oil. Please PLEASE always choose products that support and protect the animals.


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