Nutritional consultancy

Do you want to lose weight?

To lose weight, the majority of it comes down to nutrition. When did you last take a close look at what you eat and more importantly why you eat?

When was the last time you acknowledged what kind of relationship you have with food?

Anyone can tell you it’s down to energy balance. Calories in VS calories out. “the calorie deficit” and yes, it is THAT SIMPLE. However, achieving it, is not.

With this nutritional coaching, think of Sarah as your mother hen who is there to nurture you and lead you towards a more positive relationship with food.

Some examples of past clients’ struggles:

  • Yo-yo dieting and never finding anything that sticks.
  • Losing 10lbs then re-gaining it all back on again when the diet fails.
  • Eating in secret or giving in to uncontrollable urges to over consume a high amount of foods.
  • Snacking, struggling with a sweet tooth, cravings and high amounts of alcohol.
  • Eating when sad, stressed, upset, tired, bored or anxious.
  • Feeling like they eat “bad” foods and no matter how much they try can never get “back on track” or in control.
  • Bored of counting points or following heavily restrictive plans they can’t sustain forever.

How the coaching works

Each appointment takes place via zoom after you fill in a pre-consultation form. This form gives Sarah some important information on your goals, lifestyle and obstacles standing in your way.

Using this form Sarah can not only calculate some starting targets for you such as calories if you wish to track them, or protein to help you feel fuller for longer, she also takes a lot from the language you use to fill the form out and can start to work on tailoring your coaching before you even start.

Your first consultation is just a friendly chat while Sarah takes some notes and puts together a plan of action for you based completely on what information you give.

Don’t like counting calories? You won’t be asked to. Not a fan of salads? Then you won’t be asked to live on salads!

Your plan of action wont just include what or how much to eat. Sarah will look into the many different emotional triggers that can cause dieters to self-sabotage, stop dieting and/or go round in circles beating themselves up because they’ve failed.

Sarah will listen to what you enjoy eating.

No foods are bad and there is absolutely no judgement at all-so you can forget about “admitting to eating bad food”. You don’t need to hide any more!

With this coaching, honesty is the best policy. If you say to Sarah that you want to be put on a 1200 calorie a day diet of chicken, rice and veg but what you’ve discussed is about how many times you have failed at following this kind of diet… Sarah will be very open and honest about this with you and will suggest an approach she feels may be best suited to you based on your past experiences as well as the language you use when you’re talking about it.

You will probably get some big “ah-ha!” moments. SO MANY clients say “I had no idea that is why I always turned to chocolate then” and “I didn’t realise that how we ate at the dinner table as a child had lead to this issue”.

Having struggled in the past herself, Sarah has been there, done that…..but the T-shirt is now too big for her! As she lost it and kept it off for good by changing her relationship with food.

And she can help you do the same.



Nutritional consultancy is charged at just £37.50 per 30min and £75.00 per 1 hour zoom call. It’s recommended you book at least 60mins for the first one due to everything that needs covering.

How often you wish to book is up to you. Most clients book once per week for a while and then less often once they feel like they have started to gain control.

You need an RWL subscription to book on a nutritional 1:1. You can start a free trial first and then choose your membership option by contacting the support team before your trial ends, or simply have the 1:1 during the free trial and cancel any time.