Power HD

Power HD- an intermediate to advanced 4 week programme.

Take your fitness, strength and stamina to the next level with Power HD. Not for the faint hearted, you will push yourself to increase those limits beyond what you thought were possible.

The beauty is you start at your level, and increase at a pace suitable for you. This isn’t a competition. However, the group training aspect creates a real sense of comradery.

Power HD runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday for just 30minutes. You turn up, you get it done and you turn your phone, tablet or computer off and continue with your day knowing you’ve taken a another step towards achieving some brilliant results.

Both Ben AND Sarah coach you during these sessions. While one takes part and demonstrates the exercises (as well as any modifications needed for people with injuries or issues) the other checks your technique for your safety.

You perform trackable challenges at the beginning, during and at the end that SHOW you your progress in black and white!

We laugh together, sweat together, and unleash the beast together!! It’s so much fun and so rewarding.

Not everyone who enrols is doing it for fat loss, but many use it as a way to accompany their fat loss goal. Others enjoy receiving a good beasting and some have fitness goals they’re trying to hit. It’s a great mix!




The ages range from 24 to nearly 60 years old, male, female, parents, all sorts!




The sessions aren’t the same but each one is designed to take you closer to improving your initial test exercises and keeps progressing you throughout.

It only runs in four week blocks so check this website now to see if enrolments are open. Or feel free to email myhealthhub@hotmail.com to enquire about the next course.