A fakeaway pizza recipe that’s less than 550kcals

Fakaway pizza is one of the easiest fakeaways you could possibly do. It’s a great dinner to make with children or as a couple and the possibilities are endless! You don’t have to even use a pizza dough, pitta breads or tortilla wraps make great bases too at a fraction of the calorific value.

I genuinely prefer this style of pizza to any of the takeaway pizzas out there. On this occasion I bought a base but NOTHING beats fresh, hand-stretched pizza dough. I made this meat feast pizza (and ate it all to myself) for less than 550kcals- give or take. Of course the calorie values are approximate as I don’t own a bomb calorimeter and will vary depending on whether you make or buy your base and indeed which base you go for.


1 Asda fresh thin and crispy base from their pizza counter
50g tomato purée
Fresh basil leaves (from my window sill)
40g prosciutto ham (FAT CUT OFF)
30g feta cheese
50g sweet chilli chicken breast slices



1) Spread the tomato puree on to your base. Next time I make this I’m totally going to mix in some crushed garlic before I put it on! It may be worth a mention that the tomato puree towards the edges of the base may burn more easily than the rest, so I either create a crust OR take the puree to the edge but make sure the other toppings cover it enough to avoid it burning.

2) I LOVE basil and tomato so adding fresh basil was an absolute must for me. If you don’t like it, leave this step or substitute for your preferred herb. I’ve seen on many a cooking programme that tearing the basil is much better than chopping or cutting it. I don’t know how true this is personally, but on this occasion, I tore!

3) Add your meat and then crumble over the feta cheese. It really is as easy as that. You can cut the calories by using just chicken as opposed to the ham. I used pre-cooked and packaged sweet chilli chicken so I dare say plain chicken with Italian herbs on top would be a little lower calorie-wise.


Pizzas don’t always need to be smothered in a tonne of BBQ sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. This slightly lower fat and lower calorie version is, in my opinion, just as delicious. It’s got a good dose of protein and can be made as lean as you like by cooking your own chicken, leaving off the ham and plonking it all on a pitta bread base as mentioned above.

As for making it vegan…I have tried vegan cheese and personally thinking that violife would work just as well as feta on this occasion. Take away the meat and add some olives, onion and sweetcorn…yum!! …..hmm I feel my next fakeaway idea coming on!


Do you make homemade pizza? What’s you’re favourite combo of toppings?

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