5 prep meals you can create in bulk

Why prep meal in bulk?

So for me personally, spending time on prep meals helps keep me focused. Whether that be on my nutrition based goal or to limit my chances of over eating. (IE grabbing the first thing I see in a hangry rage). It also makes life easier if you’re quite busy. Particularly if you’re the main food prepper in the home, it gives you a rest from constantly cooking for everybody. You can also keep some aside to use for baby food if you’re a new parent*. (*recipe dependant)

Below are five examples of meals that I posed on my Instagram account which I regularly prep in bulk so that they are available to grab during the week for my partner and I. It’s all about having the confidence to try a little trial and error. (as long as everything is cooked through and you keep an eye on how you store the rice you should be fine!).

I haven’t included any exact recipes on the slideshow because I don’t really measure. (Although you can however find a recipe for the egg fried rice here). My taste may be different to yours in terms of what meat/vegetarian mince you prefer to use for example or you may have different dietary requirements or preferences to me. This is purely an infographic as it were, to show you what meals you could potentially cook in a large quantity to allow you to save some for later.



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I have frozen, defrosted and recooked all of the meals below. I have also kept them in the fridge for a few days and simply had the same meals every day. If you choose to do either, it’s at your discretion- I can’t advise on your fridge/freezer safety.


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