Quark with lemon curd dessert

Quark….what is it?

I’m so glad you asked! Quark is a curd cheese that’s so soft and velvety, it doesn’t have the usual acidy taste that Greek yoghurt has nor does it have the cheese taste of a cream cheese spread such as Philadelphia. It is the most wonderful, velvety soft, cheesecake-esque texture. Did you ever eat those super thick yoghurts as a child by Petits Filous, think THAT texture but slightly thicker.

Fat free quark has a whopping 14g protein per 100g and just 75kcals (56kcal from protein!) which makes it an ideal base for a dessert if you’re looking at keeping the calories low. Low fat ricotta cheese is around 134kcals so for half the calories and no substitute in texture and deliciousness you can use quark!

What can you do with quark?

Eat it straight out of the tub, mix it with herbs to create a lovely dip or top crackers or jacket potatoes with it. It can be mixed with melted chocolate to form a delicious dessert (I have tried this and YES it’s heavenly and I will be posting it on my blog soon!)

I’ve not tried it savoury yet but I bet you it’s nice in a quiche!

Quark and Lemon Curd

I had to give this a go because lemon cleanses the palate perfectly. This is ideal as a dessert or even as a cleanser between courses if you’re looking for something fancy to pop in some little ramekins when you’re hosting dinner.

Nutritional values are as follows for this particular recipe: Kcals: 121, Protein: 14.3g, Carbohydrate: 12.9g, Fat: 1.3g



15g lemon curd

100g low fat quark


Measure your lemon curd into a small bowl or ramakin and just give it a mix to make it smooth. Unless you want lumps for sharpness in which case…don’t. Mix in 100g of quark until it’s all combined. Leave it in the fridge for a good 20mins or longer so that it goes nice and firm again.


I’m going to use this one day to make a lower calorie cheesecake. I’ll try it with a base made of toasted oats, coconut oil and a little honey.


Please let me know what you think if you try it! I’m always thinking up lower calorie ideas for my online personal training hub clients

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