Pulseroll foam roller

A foam roller…but better!

At the April 2017 fitness fiesta, I was absolutely gutted that the Fight Klub and Totally Shredded family wouldn’t be there presenting their awesome classes. However, the silver lining was that I got to try some new classes. One of which was an awesome circuit with the “biggest loser” TV presenter Richard Callendar. Another was a class dedicated to the newest foam roller on the market, the Pulseroll.

I had seen some good reviews on Facebook of other fitness professionals using them at the other fitness fiesta events so I had to book on and try it. I honestly thought it would be a gentle vibrating roller but it is like a portable, rollable power plate! It literally made my teeth chatter.

The Pulseroll

So the pulseroll is the size and shape of a regular foam roller. It has 4 speeding settings, soft, medium, wave and hard. It was absolutely wonderful to use. The instructor got us to take one arm through full lateral ROM before and after using it and the difference was very surprising! First, simply vibrate against the area you’re working on for around 10-30seconds initially. This relaxes the muscles and surrounding area. Then roll the roller up and down to massage and trigger-point and treat tight fascia. It’s MUCH more comfortable to use than a bog standard foam roller as the vibrations give it a relaxing/soothing effect. Laying back on the pulseroll and treating my traps, rhomboids and general shoulder blade area was an absolute delight!

The Pulseball

This is the bad boy I ordered. Yes the roller was heavenly BUT I need something a little more nasty to really dig in, especially for my forearms. It has three settings, low medium and hard and it’s WICKED to get right in on my pesky piriformis! I can also use it in my sports massage treatments without having to get my client to lay on the floor and roll on it. All I do is simply apply the pressure while they’re laying on their back or front. I can also hold it on both hands and release the tension in the policis’ muscles in the thumb joints.

My boyfriend let me try it on his hamstrings the day it arrived too (they are shocking). There was a noticeable difference in his before and after stretch, we were so impressed!

I will probably end up buying the pulseroll foam roller as well, two of my friends at the fitness fiesta with me bought one each and swear by them. I live in a flat and get paranoid about the noise thumping through to the flat below! At least with the ball I can sit on the couch and use it in the evenings after teaching my classes.

Why roll?

Foam rolling of any description can benefit anybody. Providing you know what you’re looking for in terms on trigger points and tension areas.

  • It helps release muscle tension and tight fascia
  • Can improve flexibility because the muscles are no longer tight and restrictive
  • It can help improve stability for the elderly who have aching feet and reduced range of movement in their step gait
  • May improve circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles
  • It can stimulate the lymphatic system and flush toxins away
  • Aids recovery and may even reduce the effect of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

To be honest I wouldn’t have got into using a foam roller before qualifying as a sports masseuse. Now I know more about trigger points and treating muscle tension I’m a confident roller and really enjoy using them in my sessions. I’m hoping to qualify with pulse roll to actually teach classes using one which would be a wicked string to my bow!


This is not a sponsored post, I genuinely love my pulseball and wanted to spread the word about it! Please hit up their website and order yours if you like what you’ve read.

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