Review: Thrive stress free app

A stress free app? Yes please!

I was lucky enough to be given a free trial of Thrive stress free app, which I think is one of the loveliest apps I have ever downloaded! This app was developed in 2016 to prevent and manage stress, anxiety and depression. You don’t have to have been diagnosed with a mental illness to benefit from this gorgeous little app. It really is, in my opinion, a great way to relax, be mindful and help you get past some of the every day stresses of adult life! This app has research to back up it’s tried and tested methods such as CBT, deep slow breathing, meditation, self suggestion and  progressive deep muscle relaxation. OH and you get to play in your own personal zen garden which took me back to my SIMS days.

“Thrive teaches you tried and tested techniques to manage the stress of a hectic life. It tracks your mood over time and trains you to optimise your coping mechanisms”

-Thrive website


Here are some screen shots of my favourite features which really suit me and how I like to relax. I have suffered in the past from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and breathing and CBT worked wonders for me. I still get bouts of self-doubt, over thinking and heart palpitations so this app can help me manage my symptoms. There’s a code for a FREE TRIAL for September 2017 for you as well.

Tailor it to your needs

So before you can start using the app it takes you through a variety of screens to make sure the suggestions made are best for you personally. It asks you how you are feeling and to select the bubbles that contain the words in that describe your causes of anxiety/depression/stress.


So I am my biggest critique. I question a lot of what I do and say, especially when it comes to my community fitness classes. I worry about being awkward around my friends and because I have so much going on with running my own business I really struggle to remember little details from conversations (in particular group whatsapps!). So I forget sometimes what my friends have been talking about. Then I question whether they think I’m a terrible friend or don’t care about them.

Once you have gone through the questions the app offers it’s recommended practice. On this occasion it recommended I practice the deep muscle relaxation technique and play in the virtual zen garden. How right it was to suggest these! See where is says deep muscle relaxation x 2? It also congratulates when you’ve practiced the recommended number of times. Go me!



Check out muh zen garden!


For each section it gives a little bit of detail about why it’s useful and also links to research and evidence to back it up which I think is a great feature. I also love how the little creature does everything with you in a little screen animation as you’re doing it too. Look at him/her tensing all it’s muscles up with me:

Each method comes with verbal instructions too which can be heard by plugging in your earphones. Her voice is lovely to listen to as well as  expected it to be!


My favourite feature of the stress free app so far is the mindful walk. I did this out on a beautiful and sunny day. It’s a 10minute walk so can be incorporated into my cool down when I go out for a run. Luckily I live along the seafront, as this walk has a sea soundscape.

It does talk you through a stretch to do before you start walking and then off you go. She asks you questions such as “can you see any people?”, “what is the sky like?” and “are there clouds?” to keep your mind from wondering and thinking out of your control. I hadn’t concentrated on looking around me quite that much before, I would always sort of let my mind drift but of course, that’s when you also open yourself up to worries and over-thinking!

If you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, I would recommend the stress free app. I’ve really enjoyed using it and making it part of my daily routine. You can subscribe to different time scales and if you’re not sure yet whether you would benefit, you can take their quiz here.


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