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Review: Swim seal for swimmer’s ear

Have you ever suffered from swimmer’s ear?

According to SwimSeal UK, almost 2% of people across the UK suffer from a water related ear infection (swimmer’s ear) each year! It can inhibit people’s holidays because they can’t enjoy water parks with their children, or relax in a Jacuzzi or pool. It can even being a nuisance when you wash your hair in the bath or soak the day’s stresses away.

Swimmer’s ear is a painful infection and inflammation of the ear canal caused by trapped water and bacteria. Trapped water in general can be extremely irritating and can stay trapped for hours making the ear sore.


I usually wear ear plugs when I go swimming

I’ve always worn Zoggs’s Aqua plugs for swimming because I cannot bear the trapped water lingering for the rest of the day inside my head. This time though, I tried using SwimSeal to see if this would prevent the trapped water issue I always have when I swim. Ear plugs of any kind make my ears ache, including most earphones, so if I can avoid wearing them AND prevent swimmer’s ear, it’s a win win for me. I love a long soak in the bath too and to let my ears sink under the water but more often than not I come back up having trapped water in my ear all night sloshing around irritating me while I try to wind down for the evening, or even worse teach a class.

SwimSeal eardropsswimmers ear sarah bockhart swim seal review

They’re a preventative solution created by specialists to prevent water getting trapped in the ear by creating a waterproof lining inside the ear canal.
The solution contains TeaTree oil which is a natural anti-bacterial oil (one of the only oils to penetrate deeply enough into a toenail to rid you of fungal nail infections). The other ingredient is Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) which has skin protecting qualities and forms a barrier on the skin. These drops mimic the action of your natural protective layer of ear wax that can sometimes wear away through exposure to things such as water or ear buds. It’s suitable for all ages and can be used not only for swimming but for aquacize, bathing, hydrotherapy, spa days, anywhere you might get water go into your ear.


Before water exposure:

  • Shake the bottle and tilt head to the side.
  • Put 2-3 drops into the ear.
  • Reapply after 2 hours of water exposure if needed.
  • After about two to three hours the SwimSeal coating will wear off and migrate naturally from the ear without build up.

What I was expecting

I’ve used some ear drops before, the ones that fizz away any wax. This is because I thought excess wax was trapping the water in my ear but this wasn’t necessarily the case. I expected was a gloopy, thick solution that would seep into my ear and coat my ear canal leaving me a little deaf.

What I got

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a pleasant smelling, light and oily liquid that dripped straight into my ear. When I levelled my head some ran back out so I just wiped away the excess. It didn’t sting (although I had no soreness or inflammation to start with).My ears just felt incredibly clean and refreshed. It didn’t hinder my hearing a single bit and it prevented any water getting trapped in my ears! Hurrah!

My verdict

If you suffer with trapped water in your ears then you will know how ANNOYING it is! So I was extremely pleased with these little drops. Where I would usually sit up in the bath and hear the water squelching around when I moved my head… NOTHING. It really did work! I’ll be using it every time I wash my hair as well as swimming that’s for sure!

I let my boyfriend borrow it as well. Like me he didn’t expect such a running solution and thought it would make him temporarily deaf too. After diving and swimming to the bottom of the pool he still had no trapped water. We are one very happy couple when it comes to swimming now.

I also get an issue now and again when my eardrum skin sheds. I didn’t know this was a “thing” but we shed all over so I guess it’s no different? This flap of shedding skin attracts water and it’s a NIGHTMARE. I’m looking forward to using these drops to prevent the trapped water and perhaps soften the shedding skin.


So if you want to prevent trapped water in your ears or swimmer’s ear, you seriously need this product! It’s so simple but makes such a massive difference! It’s available at some leading retailers as well as local pharmacies or you can buy it from Amazon (click the picture below for your convenience)

Do you suffer from swimmer’s ear? I’d love to hear your opinion on these drops if you’re trying them for the first time!

2 thoughts on “Review: Swim seal for swimmer’s ear

  1. I really want to get back to swimming but afraid to do so since both my ear drums perforated. They bled a lot and the pain was excruciating. The doctor said I am ok to go back to swimming but I really want something to protect my ears from swimming pool water. Don’t want to wear a cap as the tightness could start my Migraine. Do you think it will be ok to use Swim Seal? Doctor said my ear drums are completely healed now.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sonia, sorry I’ve only just seen this to reply. I would think that if your ears have completely healed then swim ear would be useful to avoid water remaining in your ears. However I would urge you to just double check with your GP before you do so x

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