Sports Massage

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage AKA “Sports Massage” – not just for the athletic!

Don’t be fooled by the title, anybody can benefit from a sports massage and I shall explain why below.

What is it?

Sports massage is a slow, strong set of massage techniques whereby the therapist works  beneath the artificial layer near the skin that a beauty massage therapist may work on in a spa or beauty salon. The focus is deep tension within the muscle  or muscles which may radiate to other areas of the body and cause pain or even injury. It can relieve pain and restore range of movement by breaking down rigid bands of painful tissue as well as scar tissue.


Occupations that may benefit

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but the main occupations that people have when they have come to me for treatments are:

  • Desk workers who suffer from neck and back pain
  • Dentists due to their posture throughout the day
  • Physical workers such as builders, engineers, mechanics, carers or cleaners
  • Personal Trainers and class instructors
  • Even those who are RETIRED and enjoy golf a little too regularly or have chronic conditions such as arthritis


General Benefits

There are a range of benefits to getting a deep tissue/sports massage:

  • Improves circulation which can help remove toxins and supply fresh blood and oxygen to the area promoting recovery.
  • Improves range of movement in a stiff or painful joint
  • Reduces the chance of injury or developing a condition.
  • Improves flexibility
  • Decreases day to day pain caused by occupational tension such as back ache from sitting at a desk
  • Improves general feeling of well-being due to feeling more relaxed, invigorated and not in so much pain

Helps to relieve

  • Acute and chronic lower back pain and sciatica
  • Neck pain, headaches
  • Sporting injuries and issues such as cramp, tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • Frozen shoulder and other shoulder pain
  • Hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis
  • Running injuries such as shin splints, runners knee, hip pain, bursitis and plantar fasciitis
  • Postural pain due to muscular imbalances such as an excessive lower back arch or rounding of the shoulders


What happens during my treatments

I will greet you and fill in a form with you to make sure it’s safe to perform a sports massage. Then I’ll ask some questions about the reason you have come to see me and work out why I think the pain is presenting where it is.

I may complete the following assessments:

  • Ask you to slowly move about so I can see the range of movement and general mobility of the area affected.
  • Feel the area in question and compare it to the other side of your body to assess as one side may overcompensate for an injury on the other side of the body.
  • Look for muscular imbalances such as swelling or differences in muscle tone.
  • Postural check from the front, back, left and right to see you from all angles
  • Sit or lay you down and assist you taking the affected joint through range of movement and measure the angle at the joint to check for improvement at the end of the session or course of sessions.

I relax the surrounding muscles with long massage strokes to  ease off any tension. Any tight areas I feel I will then focus on to try and relax that part of the muscle. I do this by either by applying some strong direct pressure onto it, massaging across the muscle fibres to help them realign and with trigger pointing (explained below). Towards the end of your treatment I will go through some stretching with you if necessary and explain what you can do at home to keep on top of your symptoms.

What is trigger pointing?

A trigger point is an overly tender band of taut fibres in the muscle that can also radiate to other areas of the body. For example, you may have a sore shoulder and when you press a specific tender spot it also radiates a dull pain up your neck. They don’t always radiate elsewhere and can sometimes also cause little localised muscle twitches (not spasms!). When I find one I will simply hold pressure onto it until the sensation reduces. This really helps relax the muscle and release tension. It can also flag up other areas of tension I can then work on to improve your overall results.

Does it hurt?

My aim during the sports massage is to release tension and help the cause of the pain-not to hurt you. You will feel discomfort and tenderness but I will only work into it at your level. I continually request feedback regarding the pressure I use. If you tell me that an area is particularly tender, I will break it up regularly with soothing pleasant motions so you are not in distress. You may experience tenderness the following day due to the fact that pressure was applied to your skin, however 48 hours after you can really reap the benefits.


More detail about what happens with your clothing

During your sports massage treatment, some of your clothing will need removing depending on what I’m treating:

  • Lower back-Laying on your front, no clothing on top, fully clothed from the waist down. Towel covering legs and tucked into waist band. I may work down into the bottom of your back towards the top of your buttocks and will only do so with permission and feedback from you.
  • Mid or upper back-Laying on your front, no clothing on top, fully clothed from the waist down, towel covering legs and tucked into waist band.
  • Shoulders, neck- Laying on your front, no clothing on top, fully clothed from the waist down, towel covering legs and tucked into waist band. If I need to ask you to turn over onto your back I will hold the towel up to cover you while you do so and place it over your chest to protect your modesty.
  • Upper neck and head- Laying on your back, fully clothed from the chest down, towel covering from chest down.
  • Foot, ankle, arm, hand- Could be on your back, front or seated depending what you need treated. Fully clothed but with the area to be treated uncovered. For foot treatment I will need access to the lower leg as well.
  • Hamstrings or calves-Laying on your front, whole leg uncovered, towel tucked into your waistband to protect modesty and also covering the other leg.
  • Quads-Laying on your back, whole leg uncovered, towel tucked into your waistband to protect modesty and also covering the other leg.
  • Pectorals/front of the shoulders-Laying on your back, fully clothed from the waist down. Towel covering chest down. Women will not have any central chest tissue worked into, only fronts of the shoulders and under the collarbones.
  • Groin- Laying on your side with almost like in the recovery position. The towel is strategically placed to protect dignity at all times for both genders. Usually in underwear or short-shorts or underwear and fully clothed on top.


Where do I go?

Beaches Tanning and Beauty salon

309 Holland Rd, Holland-on-Sea, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 6PD

Tel: 01255 818039




How much does it cost and how do I book?

Massages cost £38 for 50minutes. Currently bookings are being taken and are paid upfront for online only via while restricted times are available during the COVID-19 pandemic precautions. Or use the form below, simply scroll to a date that says “Massage Appointments” and select the time you would like.