Aerobathon 2017

Aerobathon 2017! A 3 hour long fitness class!

My first EVER Aerobathon 2012

On Saturday 25th March I organised the Aerobathon 2017, my annual 3 hour long class to raise funds for charity. I started this back in 2012 and have raised money for The Eve Appeal, The British Heart Foundation and St Helena Hospice. This year was The British Heart Foundation again.

In the past I have taught this completely solo, having choreographed 3 hours worth of freestyle aerobics (grapevine, kneelift, hamstringcurl etc) and I have also collaborated and co-taught with some other class instructors when I worked for a local leisure centre to showcase what they had to offer.

This year, as I took the plunge to become 100% self employed, I decided to use it as an opportunity to network and advertise other freelancers in my area. So I took to facebook where I had seen a local Clubbercise instructor advertising, Steph. I also knew there was a local Zumba class as I had seen the banners and learned that they were taught by a lady called Ann. So, I messaged them both inviting them to join myself and my friend Carrie to showcase our classes, raise money for charity and challenge the locals. They were very happy to take part so we arranged to meet and plan the session.

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It took part in the venue where I teach Totally Shredded and Fight Klub® and having four of us meant we each had a 45min slot each to teach. I then took to the challenge of getting local businesses to rent some table space to set up and sell/advertise their businesses. Unfortunately we didn’t get the traffic through the door on the day only family members of the participants but there were 40 of us taking part in the 3 hours so it wasn’t a completely wasted morning for the stall holders. We certainly honed in on the cake stand afterwards!

All in all we raised over £800 just for 3 hours’ work! It was all paid in to my just giving page which I has set up beforehand. I am so proud of everyone that took part. 

I will be planning it all over again next year! The format was BRILLIANT teaching 45min slots. Many people said they would do it again even if it wasn’t for charity! All I may do next time is either avoid selling the pitch spaces as we didn’t get that many people through the door, or choose a venue that people are likely to walk past. In the past I was able to use a local shopping centre’s empty shop which could possibly be an option again. Otherwise just the cake stall will do!


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